What we do

I offer a unique opportunity available directly to your holiday villa!

WineInvilla will reach you where ever you are in the Orvieto area and introduce you to the amazing world of wine making: an ancient practise rooted in our culture history and traditions.

Wines will be proposed by, grape, blend and terroirs. Your personal level of understanding will determine the procedure:

1)    Beginners: you will learn essential aspects of wine making, together with a comprehension of how to assess the quality of wine through your senses.

2)    Intermediate: if you have a basic understanding of wine this level will help you to improve your confidence. Great attention will be given to the three steps of the sensory analysis, their meaning and significance.

3)    Advanced: we will focus our attention to the sensory analyses through the visual, olfactory and taste approach.

4)    Connoisseurs: each wine proposed will be explained in detail with attention to soil, type of vine training, pruning and canopy management, characteristic of the grapes, vinification techniques and length of affination. The quality of wine will be assessed for a confrontation of opinions and ideas.

On request we can organise visits to local wineries, carefully selected by me!

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