Etna wine: the island within the island

nerello cappuccioterre nere 5carricante

Sicily is my place of birth​, the Mediterranean sea my deep roots! Etna, however, is a unique area where vines have been thrived for centuries and wine making has been part of everyday life for generations. Etna pulses with vital energies, smoking away in the back ground, through lavish vegetation and biodiversity careful kept. Hundreds of years old vines are dotted in between cactus, wild fennel, rosemary and sage shaped by time into living sculptures. The air is crisp, the light intense, this is the land of Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio and Carricante the varieties use for Etna Rosso and Etna Bianco Doc. If I have to think of a wine that resembles its habitat for sure this is the place where I will look: intense minerals, deep fruits, floral notes, balsamic and spicy, an orchestra of flavours measured superbly. A wines capable of ageing gracefully thanks to the high acidity and the powerful tannin, integrated into the structure harmoniously. A place where a little bit of my heart was left!