Burgundy: where wine begins!

R. Conti

I presume this must be the most famous and visited vineyard in the world, a place of cult for the wine lover! Domaine de la Romaneé Conti appears in all its sober and pure elegance, a small sign hardly visible: nobility and class don’t need to shout!

I was blessed with fantastic whether, during my visit last May: blue sky, pleasant temperature and a strong cold wind, a true remind that here the vines have to struggle everyday with tough conditions. It was a great bonus the good whether it made me understand a very fundamental aspect of this area, the key that make this wine so special. Of course the univocity of the soil, the knowledge passed by through generations, the perfect grape varieties almost only made to grow here, but most of all the LIGHT, the quality of the light, so intense, so luminous, so vibrant, sharp, edgy, clean and pure, like the wine that you drink. The light is something special, the intensity and the power of its irradiation has a magical touch that can only be beneficial to the plants and to our soul.

La Cote d’Or, this unique stretch of land, is a combination of many little details that over centuries have been put together, have been master by human, have been transformed into wine. This is what Burgundy has left to me.


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