Orvieto my home

They call it "La Rocca" the big rock

They call it “La Rocca” the big rock

The town of Orvieto, once named by the Etruscans as Velzna, is a hidden gem in Umbria. Chosen by the pope for his summer residency, from the XIV century to the XIX century and ruled by the Vatican empire. The pope chose Orvieto because of the strategic position of the city, located on a volcanic rock at 320m above sea level.  During the popes domination, Orvieto produced wine and olive oil. The Orvieto Classico white wine was well-known and much appreciated, artists such as Luca Signorelli asked to be paid in wine after the frescos made  in Saint Brizio Chapel in the main Cathedral! Today visitors can admire the perfectly preserved medieval town, together with an underground area www.orvietounderground.it once used as a working and storing zone. The Saint Patrick Well, a masterpiece of Renaissance time engineering by Antonio da San Gallo il Giovane, the Archaeological Museum and an Etruscan Necropolis.

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